Feature: View input/output files of practice problem

14 Dec 2014

After lots of requests from the developers on HackerEarth and considering the pros and cons of this, we finally decided to show all the hidden testcases for a practice programming problem. What matters is that developers learn from the testcases on what went wrong when their code isn’t correct and hopefully this will help everyone now improve faster over time.

You need to click on ‘Input #X’ to see input data when you do the submission. Clicking on smile/frown icon shows the expected testcases. Smile icon appears when the code runs correctly, frown icon is when code is wrong for that testcase.

Enjoying solving the practice problems on HackerEarth. Happy Coding!

Send email to support@hackerearth.com for any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Vivek Prakash.

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