Recruiter Feature: Advanced plagiarism detector

29 Apr 2015

What is HackerEarth Advanced Plagiarism Detector?
Plagiarism is a serious issue in any field. Any online technical assesment tool also faces multiple instances of plagiarism. So to deal with the issue we lauched a revamped version of our Plagiarism Detection Tool. The HackerEarth Advanced Plagiarism Detection tool helps the recruiter to find the list of cases of cheating.

What does it do?
It shows recruiter to find the similarity in the code among the users. The plagiarism test is done incrementally with each submission.

A sample of the report is shown below

The Plagiarism Report is not an absolute decision. The tool does minute level checks to find similarities and generates a report for the recruiter to review and take viable decision based on it.

Send email to for any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Sayan Chowdhury.

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