Feature: Control what emails you recieve

06 May 2015

HackerEarth Email Notifications allows you to know when someone invites you to participate in a challenge, job updates, when someone follows you or when a comment is posted in your content. Similar to the notifications you see in the top right hand corner at HackerEarth, email notifications let you know what’s happening even when you aren’t logged in.

You can manage email notifications by selecting the Settings in the upper right hand corner of any page.

For example, if you want to get notified when someone comments on your content, Job related to your skills or challenge recommendations, justTurn on the feature by clicking on the link beside it. If you don’t want to receive any emails, Turn off the feature by clicking the link.

To change the email address associated with your account, select the “Settings” tab. You’ll then see your current email address and can change to add or delete addresses. Your HackerEarth email notifications will only be sent to the address which you have specified in “Email and Password Settings”, so be sure this information is accurate.

Various emails notifications a user can subscribe is:

Send email to support@hackerearth.com for any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Santosh Kumar.

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