Recruiter Improvement: Create your own public tests

21 Jul 2015

We, at HackerEarth, strive to make a better product for recruiters. Recruiters have been using public test to organize a campus test to assess candidates in bulk. Till now, we did not allow recruiters to create a public test on their own because in a public test, any candidate can take the test if the link of the test is shared with him.

Recruiter had to connect with a sales representative at HackerEarth and get it published publicly. The sales rep would monitor the number of candidates who took the test and manually raise an invoice for the same. As we expanded and more and more recruiters conducted such tests, it was impossible to handle it manually. We streamlined the process and now we allow recruiters to create their own public tests.

In regards to the credit consumption, we automatically decrement a credit from your account whenever any candidate takes the test. Before conducting such public test, you can buy expected number of credits depending upon the number of candidates you’re going to assess.

Also, for your convenience, if you go out of credits during the campus test and you need to assess more candidates in emergency. You can still assess them until your credits reach a certain negative limit. As a reminder, we’ll send you a notification when your credits reaches 0 and at certain intervals when it goes below zero. so that you stay updated.

Hope this makes your campus recruitment process much better.

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Ravi Ojha.

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