Recruiter Feature: Question Health for Library Questions

30 Sep 2015

In HackerEarth Question Library, we cater a huge number of questions in Multiple Choice Questions and Programming Questions. To help recruiters choose the best questions from the vast variety of questions from the library, we introduce a feature called Health.

What it means? Health indicates how usable the question is. It is not only about question’s difficulty level. Factors like number of users attempted, users solved, times the problem has been used and when was the question last used are considered in determining Health. To keep it short, higher the health, better the problem.

You can access it through “Choose from Library” in MCQ and Programming questions.

You’ll see a list of questions along with their health bar in right panel as shown in the screenshot below:

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Ravi Ojha.

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