Recruiter Feature: Uploading MCQs in bulk

09 Oct 2015

You have lots of MCQs (multiple choice questions) stored in spreadsheets. But, you don’t want to add each question manually to your HackerEarth library. Now, you can upload those spreadsheets in one go and all those MCQs will be added to your library.

How to use it?

Go to your HackerEarth library, and select Upoload Bulk MCQs, a modal window will show up, where you can read detailed instructions and can also download a sample file, showing how your spreadsheet should look like.

Once the file is uploaded, it will be read and validated, result of which will be shown as a text alert. After successful validation of uploaded file your work is done. As soon as the MCQs are successfully added to your library, you will be alerted via an email.

We hope this feature saves you a lot of time.

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Chandrakant Kumar.

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