Recruiter Feature: Custom Test Emails

09 Oct 2015

Custom Test Emails
This feature lets you to customize emails sent to candidates regarding test.

How it works ?
Once the test is published ‘Email Templates’ section is visible in the left menu. Emails are populated with default templates. Candidate Invite Email, Reminder Email, Invite Cancelled Email and Thankyou Email can be customized.

Candidate Invite Email
Test Invitation Email sent to the candidates.

Reminder Email
Once the candidate is invited, you can send the reminder email regarding the test anytime before the test ends.

Cancel Invite Email
If an invite is cancelled candidate will not have access to the test.

Thankyou Email
Thankyou email is sent automatically when the candidate finishes the test.

Send email to for any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Aishwarya Reddy.

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