Feature: New Sprint Dashboard

23 Dec 2015

We have made some major changes to how hackathons are managed and created a dashboard for it.

  • The dashboard is accessible at https://sprint.hackerearth.com

  • To login to Sprint Dashboard, click on Organiser’s Login button. See screenshot below:

  • To Signup for organising hackathons, click on Get Started button. See screenshot below:

  • Now, anyone can signup for Sprint directly without signing up for Recruit. Any user can also be Sprint Admin, Recruiter, Developer at the same time and access to different part of the site depends on what they have signed up for.

  • Sprint is also accessible at https://www.hackerearth.com/recruit/, under the Hackathon section. See screenshot below:

  • If someone has signed up for Sprint and they are visiting the developer site, a direct link named ‘Sprint Dashboard’ is available in the dropdown. See screenshot below:

  • Recruiters who have access to hackathons, can see link to ‘Sprint Dashboard’ in their dropdown menu as shown in screenshot below:

  • The Sprint Dashboard has options to create a new hackathon, presents data on live hackathons and recent hackathons (either past or future), and links to all created hackathons and settings. See screenshot below:

  • On the ‘Team Settings’ tab, only sprint admins will show up, and any users added will have permission to manage hackathons only.

  • Recruiters who do not already use HackerEarth Sprint, will see a widget shown in screenshot below. Which will disappear permanently on clicking the cross button.

It’s now very easy for the college students and companies to create and manage hackathons. Check it out at [https://sprint.hackerearth.com] (https://sprint.hackerearth.com)

Send an email to support@hackerearth.com regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Chandrakant Kumar.

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