Recruiter Improvement: Revamp tests settings page

26 Dec 2015

We have lot of settings attached to every test. We figured the most used settings and ordered them into sections for easy access. Primarily we have 7 sections in Test Settings.

  • Time Settings
  • Question Settings
  • Candidate Settings
  • General Test Settings
  • Password Settings
  • Proctoring Settings
  • Admin Settings

Following is the screenshot of first fold of the Test Settings page. If you’re a recruiter at HackerEarth, you can get a full overview of all the sections and play around.

The previous version of this page looked like this.

We have two modifications in the above list:

  • General Test Settings
  • Proctoring Settings

General Test Settings contains information related to test link, short url, test code and id as shown below.

Proctoring Settings gives you facilities to control candidates’ test environment during the test. For instance, you can restrict opening new tab or browser, take candidate snapshots etc. You can read more about it here.

For college events, we have slightly different Time Settings area which is shown in the screenshot below.

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Ravi Ojha.

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