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29 Jan 2016

Last year we made a lot of major improvements on HackerEarth to make the user experience better. We have seen exponential growth in user acquisition and engagement as a result of all these improvements. After all, what are we without our community.

###Homepage: Let’s start with the first page that a new user lands on when they come to HackerEarth. We updated the homepage to an informative page for new users, where they can make an informed decision of becoming a part of the HackerEarth community. Visit homepage

###Header: The header across the site was improved with thought in mind to reduce the number of clicks required by the user to visit the major sections of HackerEarth viz Challenges, Practice, Learn and Jobs. A few more additions were also made:

  1. The inbox notification for new messages for each user.
  2. The profile completeness of the particular user was integrated into the dropdown.

###Challenges: We changed our challenges page (for better or worse) into a simplistic design, where users can set filters as per their preferences and only events they are interested in are shown to them. The filters you set are sticky so that whenever you open the page, your preferences stay. The thought behind the new implementation was to make a simple design and not overwhelm the user with challenges they are not interested in. Also, a new section called Recommended Challenges was added, which suggests you challenges based on your previous activity, thus helping you with your decision making. Visit challenges

###Practice: Gone are the days where you had to search for a particular type of problem from an enormous collection of problems, we bring to you the new and improved practice page, with features like:

  1. All problems distributed into different topics and further sub-topics.
  2. Each topic has a completeness percentage.
  3. There is a new leaderboard for each topic based on your performance in each problem.
  4. Ability to filter problems based on Difficulty.

A few changes were also made to each problem page where the informations was provided to the user in a cleaner manner. Visit practice

###Code Monk: Due to the success of Code Monk series, we realised that we needed to list the series so that existing/new users can always utilize the series to improve upon their coding skills. Visit codemonk

###Mobile Friendly (Responsive): Along with the above changes, we made the pages mobile friendly, so that you can easily access HackerEarth on the fly and keep coding.

We are set to release a lot of features and improvements in 2016 and will continue to make HackerEarth better every day.

And as always, *Happy Coding!*

Send an email to for any bugs or suggestions.
Posted by Shivindera Singh.

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