Feature: Assign submissions to specific judges in Sprints

31 Jan 2016

Sprint Admins can now assign submissions to specific judges. Lets check out the feature with Djangothon.

###Enabling this feature

To enable this feature, go to “Submissions” tab on the Sprint Edit page, click on “Show only assigned submissions to a judge” and save the entry.

###Using this feature

The sprint admin can now select multiple submissions and assign them to specific judges available for the sprint.

To assign judges to submissions, navigate to the “Submissions” tab in the Sprint Dashboard page. Select one or more submissions, and click on the “Assign Judge” button:

A modal window appears with the list of judges. Multiple judges can be selected and assigned to the previously selected submissions:

###Viewing judges assigned to a submission

To view the judges assigned to a submission, click on the “View Judges” link on the submission row.

A modal will appear showing the list of judges.

Viewing submissions assigned to judges

To view the submissions assigned to the judges, click on the “View Judges” tab under the Judging Panel. The page will show all the submissions assigned to the judges.

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