Feature: Fetch source code from repository in a Hackathon

02 Feb 2016

Teams or individuals participating in a hackathon on HackerEarth now have the option of fetching their source code as a zipped file from a public repository.

How to use this feature

Whenever you submit or edit your hackathon project, you’ll see a new checkbox below the repository link field. All you have to do is enter the public github or bitbucket repository URL and the zipball of the repository will be fetched automatically and attached in the source code field of the submission.

Please refer to the screenshot below -

The repository is fetched asynchronously and does not block your submission process. Once you submit your project with the option checked, you’ll see the status on the right panel. Please keep in mind that the status will only be updated once you refresh the page.

If the fetching is successful, you can view your submission using the ‘View Submission’ button. Here, you can verify if your source zipball has been properly attached to your submission.

This feature will definitely help save a lot of time for the teams, especially when they are on a low bandwidth internet connection.

Posted by Arindam Mani Das.
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