Recruiter Feature: Filter candidates in reports

08 Feb 2016

In HackerEarth Assessments, candidate reports is one of the most used feature. After the test, recruiters want to filter and interview selected candidates as easily as possible. To make the candidate filtering process more seamless, a new functionality has been added in reports. As a recruiter, you can now filter candidates according to your own judging criteria and narrow down the number of candidates from thousands to a manageable number.

Filters can be applied on the basis of any one or multiple attributes at a time:

  • Total score in the test
  • Score in specific types of problems, say MCQ, Programming etc
  • Total time taken by candidate to finish the test
  • In case of Programming questions, you can also filter by language used by candidates
  • Finish time of candidate, for instance, sometimes you just want to filter candidates who finished the test in last 2 days

This will open up a pop-up showing different options available for filters as shown below.

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Ravi Ojha.

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