Improvement: New flow for private tests

16 Feb 2016

New steps have been introduced in the private test flow. The UI has also been revamped. The goal of this change is to help the candidate understand the test and proctoring instructions better. Currently the flow consists of four steps, including the final step i.e. the list of questions.

Step 1

This step presents general info about the test i.e. description , questions distribution and allowed programming languages if there are any programming questions.

Step 2

This step asks the candidate for details that the recruiter has requested.

Step 3

This step shows detailed test and proctoring instructions. This step also has a one minute timer to provide the user with the opportunity to go through all instructions carefully.

Step 4

This is the final step, where the candidate is presented with the list of questions and his time starts.

A progress bar on the top is also visible, listing all steps and indicating which steps have been completed.

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Posted by Chandrakant.

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