Recruiter Improvement: Cancel test invitation in tests if candidate didn't attempt

05 Apr 2016

In HackerEarth Assessments, recruiters send test invitations to candidates for Invite Only tests.

A credit gets consumed on each invitation. Not so often, it happens that candidates starts the test, fills out his/her personal information and leaves the test page without attempting the questions. Now as the candidate was not evaluated, recruiters might want to cancel the invite and get the credit back that was consumed, which we didn’t allow so far. We have made improvements so that a recruiter can cancel the invite in such cases.

Go to the list of invited candidates in any test, Cancel Invite option will be visible as shown below in following case.

  • Candidate left the test page without attempting any question in the test
  • Test is Invite Only and without public leaderboard

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Ravi Ojha.

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