Improvement: New Practice Section

06 Jun 2016

We have conducted a series of experiments which have helped us understand our users and their behavior better in the Practice section. The new design is the confluence of the experiments we have conducted which started with the Codemonk series last year. We believe the new design is the right balance between easy to read tutorials, practice problems and instant gratification for users who want to learn or review their computer science concepts.

Currently we have Basic Programming, Data Structures, Algorithms and Math tracks. Try out the new practice section here.

Following changes are introduced in the new practice section:

  • For better understanding, now we have tracks at the top which are divided into topics. Topics are futher categorised into subtopics.

You can also check your last visited subtopic on the right top section of the all tracks page.

  • You can check your progress in a particular track like ranking in the track and tutorial completeness percentage.

  • A tutorial along with a problem is included for each subtopic.

  • To hone your skills in that subtopic, you can also solve other practice problems in that subtopic.

We will keep improving the practice section and add more features to it as we go forward.

Happy Coding :)

Send an email to regarding any bugs or suggestions.

Posted By Ritesh Agrawal

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