Improvement: New Start Test Page for Private Tests

28 Jul 2016

The landing page that candidates visit while attempting a test on our assessment tool has been updated. It now looks like this -

The following were the objectives behind this change -

  • Prioritizing Enter Test CTA in the screen real estate
  • Moving additional information and descriptions to second fold.
  • Reducing the number of links that lead to other pages (by using modals where possible)
  • Updating the terms and conditions in compliance with IT Act, 2000

The interface caters to the following scenarios -

  • Test is password protected.

  • Test is yet to start.

  • Test has ended.

  • Test administrator has disabled access.

  • Administrator does not have enough credits left.

  • Candidate has not logged into HackerEarth.

  • Candidate’s email is not verified.

  • Candidate is not invited to the test.

Also, system compatibility and webcam check can be taken on the same page and candidate does not have to move to a new window for it.

We hope that the new UI provides better clarity and candidates find it easier to use.

Send email to for any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Apoorva.

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