Feature: Test Walkthrough

29 Aug 2016

We have released a new feature in the candidate test interface that will help candidates to successfully attempt a test, even if they are visiting the interface for the first time. We have launched a walk-through for each and every type of questions that are available on our platform.

A short video of the test walk-through is shown below:

In order to explore this feature, you can use the practice test available before the beginning of every test.

In the practice test, the walk-through will start automatically once a question is loaded. However, in actual tests, in the interest of candidates’ time, we don’t auto start the walk-through. Candidates can start the walkthrough by clicking on (?) icon in the top-right corner of the question.

We hope that the new feature provides better clarity to the candidates.

Send email to support@hackerearth.com for any bugs or suggestions.

Posted by Apoorva.

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