Sprint: User Dashboard Revamp

18 Nov 2016

We have just redesigned and revamped the user dashboard for sprints to enable smooth user experience for the participants in the hackathons and enable all user interactions from one single place via the dashboard. Prior to this revamp, all the user workflows in sprints were decentralized.

Have a look at the dashboard. Open the image in a new tab and zoom for a better view.

You can now send invites to others with your own personal message (give it a click!) or check out how people have responded to your invitations. Accept or reject the requests you have received from others. Tap that switch if you do not want to receive requests from others (and let others know you are not looking for participants). Leave your team if you absolutely need to. If you are a team leader, you must remove all team members before you can leave the team. Keep an eye out on the timer!!

Note : The team leader alone can make changes to the settings section, or accept/reject requests for his team.

Lets check out the submission tab next. Here its pretty self explanatory. Give your project an apt title, tie it up with a theme, describe what you intend to do, upload snapshots, presentation, source code, add urls to your project demo, github or bitbucket repos and some crucial information to setup and run.

Many of these fields may be optional depending on the hackathon settings. The box on the right tells you what information must mandatorily filled, or it may be liable to invalidation. You can submit your project as many times as wish as long as the hackathon phase is open. So don’t fret to submit your project each time.

After you have made a submission, it should look like this …

Another tab that is missing from the above images is the Idea tab. This is visible only for two phase hackathons.

You must submit an idea on which you intend to work on during the hackathon phase. Your idea must be aligned with the goals or themes of the hackathon. Include an attachment if you would like.
If you have trouble with the markdown field, check out markdown basics.

Once you have submitted an idea, you can view the same or click on “edit” button to edit your idea.

Participate in hackathons to see this dashboard live in action.

What do you think of this new dashboard? I would love to hear your reactions.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that would make the dashboard even more user friendly, shoot me a mail at aritra@hackerearth.com or get a hold of our support at support@hackerearth.com.

Posted by Aritra.

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